Home Sweet Boat! How to choose a boat that fits your lifestyle

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When choosing a boat, there are many things to consider. For example, you need to find a boat that fits your budget. Because, as we know, boats are a luxury expense and require a plan before you buy them. So, before you go out and buy your boat, here we show you how to choose a boat that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

before you buy a boat look for what people have to say about the boat seller. Pages like Marinemax Reviews might be a good place to start.

Think about what kind of boat you are interested in

Knowing what kind of boat you are interested in before getting funding can help make your life much easier. It can help you determine what your budget and other additional costs might be. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you buy one.

10 essential commandments to buy a sailboat

Buying a sailboat is a desire that most people have had at least once in their lives. Here are 10 steps that can help you in this choice.

  • Where to look: it is advisable to avoid pages that sell all kinds of second hand items, a boat is something very particular.
  • Agencies or individuals? The problem with going to a private person is that they usually raise the price of their boat and may try to cheat you. Companies, on the other hand, tend to reduce the final price.
  • Price: it depends on the conditions in which the boat is, the repairs it has had and the use the owner has given it. Even so, you should know that after the first year, a sailboat depreciates between 20 and 30%.
  • Hidden defect: it is very important to analyze the boat perfectly to avoid that some defect appears in the boat that the owner has wanted to hide. And get feedback from other buyers like in Marinemax Reviews.
  • Perfect season: winter is the best season to buy a sailboat, especially the month of February.
  • Flag: you must request the transfer of ownership of the boat and present it in the captain’s office together with the corresponding documentation.
  • Documentation: registration sheet, seaworthiness certificate, technical inspection of vessels (ITB) report and certificate of suitability for the installation of radio equipment.
  • Test it: before buying a sailboat, go out with it to sail. This way, you can check if the boat fits your needs and the purchase will be perfect.
  • Expertise: this is the person in charge of looking at the mast, the auxiliary engine and the humidity of the hull. In addition, it must be hired by the buyer.
  • Other factors: for example, if the sailboat has had few owners before the depreciation will be scarce.

Final thoughts

Buying a leisure item is a big decision, and you should be sure before you commit. You need to find an ideal boat for you and you should consider financing. Because your hobby shouldn’t leave you in debt.

So be sure to do your research, seek the reviews from other customers like in Marinemax Reviews, calculate the extra costs and plan your budget accordingly. That way, you can have the boat of your dreams without worries, cushioning your experience.